World Map with Rod [Vinyl printed]

World Map with Rod [Vinyl printed]
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The World Wall Map depicts all the countries and their major cities. Bright colors and easy-to-read fonts on the map makes it a user's delight. The map not only features time zones but also has inset maps of Arctic and Antarctic regions. The World Wall Map further offers value to the users as it shows railways and other transport networks across the world. National flags of the countries are thoughtfully included in the map for users' convenience. From researchers to students and teachers to travelers, this informative wall map is a must-have guide. It has been fully updated as per the latest political changes, and hence it can be used as a ready reckoner. This 54 inches x 39 inches map is big enough to catch a kid's attention. As a vinyl-printed map, it is more durable than the laminated ones. The map comes in an easy-to-carry tube.

*Rollers are attached with this map.

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