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India State, District and Sub-District Boundaries

Now, you can determine the geography of a place in a better manner as we are able to provide you with the Pan-India state, district, and sub-district-level boundary data. Not only this, you will get precise information on the map as each of the polygons will have a list of census demographic (population) and social attributes attached to it. The information which would be provided by us will be based on accurate data provided by latest Census of India, 2011.

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India Village and Town Boundaries

The Demographic and Social Attributes, all updated as per the latest census 2011 report, are available for over 6,40,000 town/villages at State, District and Sub- District level with village/ town boundaries.

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Pan India Pin-Code Boundaries

The Pan-India Pin-Code Boundaries are available for the companies looking for effective and accurate data for planning their services delivery process, allocation of sales and distribution territories and for further planning of their business activities. The data comes along with the unique set of attributes like population, household data - including households having availability of basic amenities like electricity, LPG, TV, Car etc, which leads to Prosperity Index attribute and adds value to their analysis of the socio- economic situations. The Pan-India Pin-Code Boundaries are available for over 19,900 unique 6-digit Pin-Codes at rural and urban level.

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City-Ward Boundaries

Through the city-ward boundaries bifurcation along with the unique set of attributes like prosperity index and demographic attributes help the government departments as well as the business organization to effectively and accurately understand the city bifurcation and plan their future developmental activities. The ward boundaries are available for top Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cities, as per latest Census of India, 2011, which have been developed using the authentic government sources and local municipal bodies.

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National Highway and State Highway Data of India

The National and State Highway and their numbers are available in the form of road line data. The national highway updated data is available as per the latest reports of National Road Transport and Highways Authority, to maintain the accuracy and consistency. The data is highly demanded and useful for the delivery chain planning of the logistics companies etc.

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